Our modeling and simulation (M&S) specialists are among the most recognized and awarded in the service industry.

Camber employs engineers, designers, subject matter experts, system architects, and managers in the disciplines required to develop advanced training solutions.

Camber’s Modeling, Simulation and Training capabilities and services include:
  • Integrated Training Solutions
  • New Equipment Training (NET) Solutions
  • Assessment and Certification
  • International Training and Security Assistance
  • Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) Training Systems
  • Serious Games for Training
  • Training Services Support
  • Instructional Systems Design
  • Full Scale Exercise Support
  • SOF Trainers
  • Cyber Simulation and Network Defender Training
  • Human Resources Solutions
  • Engineering Modeling & Simulation
    • Prototyping
    • Risk/Cost Reduction
    • System Integration Lab
    • Operational Systems Modeling
Who We Serve

Defense — All branches of the service, Combatant Commands and Joint Staff.

Homeland Security — National Guard Bureau (NGB), FEMA and Federal Law Enforcement Center (FLETC)

Civil Agencies — US Department of State (DoS), Veterans Affairs

International — United Nations, 10 Foreign Air Forces

Major Offerings
  • Instructional System Design (ISD) — Camber's Multidisciplinary ISD Team contains specialists with advanced degrees in Instructional Development, Adult Learning, Educational Psychology, and Organizational and Industrial Development. Camber's approach to ISD employs leveraging extensive experience, appropriate scientific and technical models, tools, media, and methods to maximize learning and human performance.
  • Assessment & Certification — Camber’s Assessment Team employs proven industry standards and innovative techniques to support high-stakes testing and skills certification. We provide evidence of employees’ capability, pinpoint areas for improvement at the individual and organizational level, and make your training budget go farther.
  • Serious Games/Games for Training — Camber has developed device agnostic (tablet/phone/Internet/computer) immersive training systems that leverage the latest technologies in the video game industry to provide training, testing, and analytics for ensuring a well-trained student.
  • Simulation & Modeling for Acquisition, Requirements & Training (SMART) — SMART is a collection of multiple concurrent projects designed for the prototyping and evaluation needs of the Apache product managers as well as providing an environment to support software development laboratory architecture, hardware / software integration and testing.
  • Radar Toolkit (RTK) — Camber's RTK has provided reliable, configurable, high-fidelity radar simulation solutions for training and engineering applications. The RTK gives developers a flexible environment for building simulations of current and future radar systems.
  • Virtualized Cyber Classroom Environment (VCCE) — Classroom in a box; provides virtualized cyber trainer space for up to 30 students/players.
  • Camber Online Review System (CORS) — Providing content verification and validation throughout the development lifecycle, COR-CTS allows efficient, iterative monitoring and feedback between Camber’s design team and all stakeholders through all phases of design and development. This system currently supports Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems and works seamlessly on tablets and smartphones with an internet connection.