Developed by Camber, CENTS® provides an integrated solution to train and exercise the cyber workforce, and test, evaluate and validate processes, procedures, and configurations before implementing them on your network.

Employing the same concept as putting the pilot in a flight simulator, CENTS® provides a realistic network-safe environment for training and exercising cyber operators and planners, and developing and testing effective response actions and tools for routine, zero-day, and catastrophic cyber events. CENTS® units are built to your specifications, a live-synthetic virtual simulator/trainer, thereby providing cyber operators with the same look and feel of their everyday environment.


CENTS® is built to your specifications, emulating the components in your operational network, thereby providing operators with the same look and feel of their everyday environment.

  • Network-safe environment to experience and react to catastrophic attacks and outages
  • Customized to replicate customer's operational environment
  • Train individuals or entire network teams or provide deliberate training
  • Integrate cyber into operational exercises and evaluations
  • Conduct mission rehearsal and realistic target development
  • Test, evaluate, and validate configurations before implementation
  • Perform penetration testing to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities

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